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Keramik aus Ton ein umweltfreundliches NaturproduktFor decades RÖMERTOPF® has been world famous and yet it is always evolving. RÖMERTOPF® is just as contemporary today as it will be tomorrow: through it´s remarkable and gentle way of preparing food.

This natural product is just as amicable to the environment as the meals prepared with it are for the stomach. Full of natural juices, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the gentle temperatures, the fragrant aroma of every dish is preserved.
Enjoy modern cuisine, effortlessly.


More Tips:

Töpfe aus Keramik für leckere GerichteWhether you are preparing meals for your family, be it delicious dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine or specialities from Asian countries; whether large or small portions of fried food, soups, or casseroles, fish or vegetables: for every dish you can find the right RÖMERTOPF®.

Steam cooking in RÖMERTOPF® saves unnecessary fat. Easy handling always guarantees the best cooking results and allows you precious spare time.

All you need to do is prepare the ingredients, add them to the pot, and put it in the oven. Cooking can’t be easier.

Enjoy eating pleasures from RÖMERTOPF® with your family.




Praktische Helfer  für die Küchr

Practical Tips

The practical advantages of the original RÖMERTOPF® are in your hands: Juicy and aromatic, all vitamins and minerals are preserved. Nothing of the stock will be drained off. The individual flavor of every dish is just as powerful and unique as it´s fragrance.

Tontöpfe zum magenfreundlichen GarenWith RÖMERTOPF® you don’t need to use as much fat. This conforms to the requirements of modern nutrition. If there is already concern about the digestive system (stomach, liver, intestine or gall bladder), if you want to lose weight or remain thin, then you can cook deliciously, without the calories.


Tontopf in verschiedenen Ton-FormenCooking time is spare time

The time you would normally use to cook, is now your free time. When your pot is in the oven, it never has to be checked. A burned or overcooked meal are unheard of when cooking with RÖMERTOPF® because nothing can spatter or dry out. Not only that, but the oven stays clean!

A meal prepared in RÖMERTOPF®, in which the recommended cooking time is exceeded, will not be adversely affected.

By the way, the clay moulds are also elegant. You can bring the dish from the oven directly to the table, which saves time and energy.


Keramik für den Backofen in perfekter TechnikThe perfect technique

RÖMERTOPF® offers the perfect technique for cooking, making it easier to do.

In time and with use, you will learn to appreciate RÖMERTOPF® advantages. The wide plate guarantees a solid foundation when cooking.

The pot and cover have a wide edge and lay securely on top of one another which means that the cover can’t fall off. The two – four millimeter distance between the top and bottompieces is not a mistake but rather serves to regulate the pressure in the closed pot which allows excess steam to escape. The integrated grips are also practical. The pot can be held securely and opened easily.

Still another advantage of the original RÖMERTOPF® system:
You can choose between different sizes and forms.

 RÖMERTOPF<sup>®</sup> moderne Kjüche leicht und gesund

Modern cuisine
Enjoy it light an healthy

The original RÖMERTOPF® functions very easily:

Fine pores in porous ceramic absorb enough water when it is soaked in water. When it is heated slowly, it creates a mild layer of steam, both in the oven and on the inside layer of RÖMERTOPF®.

The meal being prepared doesn’t dry out and forms a crust, which many cooks want, if you remove the cover during the last twenty minutes of baking time.

Fried foods will be perfect. Inside juicy, outside crunchy.

With stews and casseroles, the aroma remains intact. Soups simmer slowly without sticking to the bottom of the pan without forming a crust.


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