Advantages RÖMERTOPF®:

When using an electric oven, set the correct temperature right at the beginning; the oven's thermostat will ensure that the oven heats up slowly and gently. Choose the same setting as for your ordinary baking with the same amount of heat generated in the upper and in the lower part of the oven, or place the RÖMERTOPF® on the middle shelf. For fan assisted ovens, reduce the temperature by about 20°C, (40°F).


If you are trying a new RÖMERTOPF® recipe, choose an average temperature of 220°C, (425°F, gas mark 6 or7) and look for a similar recipe in this book.

More Tips:

The ideal temperature for cooking in the RÖMERTOPF® is between 190°C and 250°C, (375°F and 500°F). Dishes with a very long cooking time require a lower temperature than those which cook quickly.

For a crunchy surface you can chose a higher temperature at the end of preparation time.

When using a gas oven, generating the full heat right from the beginning, initially set the temperature to gas mark 5, (190°C, 375°F) and increase it by one gas mark every five minutes, until the required temperature has been reached.

Each RÖMERTOPF® can as well be placed in the microwave oven. Handling is the same as while cooking in the oven. Since the mcrowave oven works extremely quickly you should „keep an eye on it“ in the beginning to get an idea about the cooking times.


Temperatures at a glance

Convection oven:

180° C

Top heat /
bottom heat:

220° C


start with 3 and increase temperature slowly to step 4 - 5


This applies to all the suggestions in this book. They are designed for four people and assume an average appetite, unless the multitude of the ingredients or the length of the cooking time merit an adjustment. Cooking times and nutritional values present you with useful information at a glance. The latter are the average for the particular dish and it´s ingredients, based on the metric measurements and allowing for variation in the fat content and the weight of fruit or vegetables. Side dishes are not included in the calculation of the nutritional value. We quote both the imperial and metric measurements. These are not direct conversions but intended to maintain the correct correlation of the ingredients; The variation being about 10 per cent either way. Finally, an average tablespoon generally holds ½oz/15g, though depending on it´s size, it may hold only as little as 2/5oz/12g or as much as 2/3oz/20g.

Enjoy your meal!

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