Mashed Onions


2 lb/800 g onions
a pinch of sugar
4 oz/100 g Black Forest ham or Parma ham
1 tbsp flour
plenty of freshly ground pepper
3 tbsp cream
1 cup instant stock
1 oz/30 g unsalted butter
Cooking time about 45 minutes
Approx 200 kcal = 837 kj


Cut the onions into rings and place them in the moistened RÖMERTOPF: Season with salt and sprinkle with the sugar. Cut the ham into very fine strips and arrange evenly on top. Dust with flour; sprinkle liberally with pepper. Pour in the cream and the stock. Close the lid. Stir thouroughly at the end of the cooking time; the onions should disinterate. Add the finishing touches by stirring in a little butter and by adjusting the seasoning.

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